About the Blog:

Let’s set one thing straight, this is a school project, but who hasn’t thought about blogging at least once in this lifetime?

This blog is about FILM. With particular attention being paid to WOMEN in the industry, and FEMINISTS as the spectators.

This blog will be updated weekly with news from withing the industry, film reviews, analysis of prominent film figures and anything else that makes me cry ‘hallelujah!’ for film,

About me:

I’m into film, it’s my jam.

I watch it,

I read it,

I make it and I study it.

I’m also a female,

By right that makes me a feminist.

I have nothing against men. I happen to love a select few of them.

I will not avoid the movies men have made, I will not ignore the comments men have said, I will not pretend I know more than a seasoned male in his field.

This is not female only, this is female oriented.

Men are not my problem.

Equality is, or a lack of it.

I’ll keep you updated with snippets of my fun, filming life with, pictures and exerts of what I get up to when i’m not making coffees and being paid to smile.

it’s not an easy haul but it’s a magical one,

To all ‘girls on film’, I applaud you.