PMS is real, and personally, I don’t always hate it.

There is nothing worse than realising you’re not crazy, and actually it’s just PMS right when you need your mind focussed and less emotionally spontaneous. Many Asian countries offer menstrual leave to women, which I think is bloody brilliant! Whilst we do not have such a luxury in Australia I hope it’s a mere matter of time, until then I suppose we can keep keeping on, smiling on the outside whilst those little MMA fights take place on the inside. Alas, the time comes when we are freed from our social obligations, we can relieve our face of the fake smiles crushing our anxieties, we can apply the heat pack we’ve been yearning for all day, and we can sit and let our emotions do their thing instead of masking them in a courtesy to the world. I am sorry for all of the women who have severe health issues regarding their PMS, that sucks and I wish this list was a cure, this list is not a cure, but it is a comfort.

This is a list of movies that keep me company when no one else should be made too, when I don’t know if I am hungry or full, short or tall, blonde, brunette. When I don’t know if I am deliriously happy or incomprehensibly sad, all in the soace of ten minutes.

This is my PMS movie selection, in no particular order.

The criteria for these films was simple. I had to Laugh out loud, Cry real tears and enjoy the aesthetic quality. I love each and everyone of these films to the core and could ramble on about them for a very long time; instead I have let you know what they’re here and usual for, and provided you with more information via the IMDB link below each photo.

1 Love and other drugs

A rad woman and hot male start hooking up casually, but very quickly we see more than just casual sex developing between the two.



2. 500 days of summer

A man falls head over heels for a woman he will forever be chasing, also great for a break up, this movie will teach you to learn to love again.


IMD Link

3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

An odd romantic tale with an unnamed cat and some lovely singing by the fire escape.



4. The lion King

…Sorry, i’m all ready in tears.



5. Friends with Benefits

Light, funny and full of happy snaps of New York.



6. How to lose a guy in ten days

My sister and I’s old favourite, the older I get the more unrealistic it seems, but it’s a comforting watch none the less.



7. Love actually

With a stellar cast and stellar stories I reckon I have watched this over 20 times.



8. Stick it

Yay strong women, both mentally and physically!



9. Moulin Rouge

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.




10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Watch this followed by Get him to the greek, they both deserve a spot on this list but technically GHTTG hasn’t successfully made me cry.





So there you have it, a list of the most over played dvd’s from my collection, I hope you’ve enjoyed some of them in your time too, if not it’s never to late to have a lazy day on the couch with ice-cream to motivate you!

To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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