My school project is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end.

This assignment, to create and maintain a blog over the past six months, has been tough.

I have enjoyed it immensely but it has easily taken up the majority of my time as far as homework is concerned.

The idea of a blog is a fascinating one, the time and effort required to keep it updated however, is a daunting one.


Not only is there an aesthetic look that takes time to produce, but due to the nature of a blog, being that it can be seen by anyone, it is the writers responsibility to ensure that all that is written is as true to the fact as possible.

What’s more, like most assignments, each post requires a particular amount of time, over the course of the semester I have learnt the kinds of posts that require more time, usually those referencing other sources and relying on hard facts, then those that don’t. Usually a reflection piece about my own work, where everything is made fact, due to me saying so can be whipped up in under three hours, however, some of these posts took days, no lies; DAYS to finalise.

images (1).jpeg

I am inspired to keep writing, I have always loved watching films but I have formed a true love of reviewing them too. This comes as no surprise to me given my chatty and opinionated nature, however being forced to lay my opinion on the line has helped me physically put down what my mind is forever thinking up.


I have found it hard to link all of my course studies in with the nature of this blog, as it was intended to speak on the subject of equality in the film industry. Sometimes my subjects simply do not relate. Having said this I am a woman, who cares about female topics, I think we are just as funny, smart and dynamic. Naturally my work has a ‘feminist’ theme running through it, so most of my creative content links in rather easily.

Frida pic 1.jpg

I hope everyone who has come along for the ride has enjoyed themselves. If it was the film reviews, discussions about women in film, or my class work that tickled your fancy, rest assured, I will keep it coming in the future.


I have truly spoken from the heart surrounding this blog, my opinions are honest and true. They may not be correct, and I may not agree with them in years, or even days to come, however as I sat writing each and every word for your gaze, please know, it’s been real. I am a female, trying to make it in this industry, I know there are more of me out there. It’s important we support one another and network, and let men know we watch films too. They may not want to watch a female driven dialogue, but guess what? They’re only half the population.

On that note I share with you a with a link to some notable films for women. how many can you say you’ve watched?

20 Films every woman must watch.


I am unsure of myself as a creator, an intellect, a visionary, I am lacking in confidence and experience. I am also bold, strong, enthusiastic and eager. I am here and I only hope to grow into a more wise, articulated, and aware version of myself, I hope this space grows with me too.

I sincerely hope you have had your mind expanded through my posts, because you liked or hated them is somewhat irrelevant.

Until the first unofficial post…


To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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