I handed in a class project the other day. The questions could be answered only by visiting the screen worlds exhibition at ACMI; lesser but more accurately known as:




This exhibition is free and accessible for the general public most days.

I did enjoy Screenworlds, it’s not for everyone, the audio quality in the interview section definitely needs to be improved and I think the whole thing could use a revamp, the information is interesting but the layout is confusing.



Moving on. The last question of the assignment ignited a pure sense of happiness in me. The task: to write a reflection about anything from the excursion that we wanted. I chose to reflect on the ACMI EXHIBITIONS. I think since year nine I have attended one of the exhibitions at least annually, if not more. Whilst we did not visit one of the exhibitions on the day, it was about ACMI as a whole, and I believe this is the most interesting aspect of the centre.



I’ve attended exhibitions on Hollywood costume, David Bowie, Dream works animation, the world of Disney, Music Video, Tim Burton and more. These exhibitions give me insight into the industry and make me feel connected on an enhanced level. Some of my most eye opening moments have come through visiting these exhibitions. Whether it is learning to believe in individuality through Bowie, Being within a meter of Dorothy’s (Judy Garland) dress from the wizard of OZ, or seeing sketches of my original favourite director, Tim Burton.



I’ve physically seen and read diary entries from the likes of Bowie, Burton, Lurhman and more. I’ve seen sketches from my favourite costume designer Colleen Atwood.




These exhibitions bring to life an unknown world and give audiences the opportunity to get to know some of the people behind films and pop culture that have changed human kind as a whole.




I always make a day of it, usually dragging someone along for my birthday, and never feel let down. (Aside from maybe the music video exhibition, that was a little underdeveloped in my opinion).



Getting out and seeing the city you live in and what’s on offer is a privilege that I try not to take for granted, spending the time to get into ACMI and relish in the information on offer is something I hope I enjoy for many years to come.

Let’s throw our hands up to the idea of a female led exhibition!

 Plan a visit or find out more onACMI right here.

To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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