My last ‘sound’ unit project was an interesting one.

It required us to look through archives of 50’s-70’s adverts, clips and infomercials and make a new audio track to a clip of our choice.

I had an enjoyable ride choosing my clip.

I watched countless clips on how to do and consume everything!

I now know how to buy and tenderise meat, what the best liquor and laundry liquids are from the 50’s. I’ve seen prom videos and drive in movie ads from the 60’s. Hilarious old spice ads and car commercials from the 70’s -oh the list really does go on. I’m a sucker for retro so viewing these clips was a treat… developing an idea however, was a little more tedious.


I was unaware of how to go about my project,

Did I want to make a comedic clip? Could I have inanimate objects discussing the odds of the worlds? Could I make something bright and bubbly seem sinister and cruel? Was I to pretend this was set in the present or past?

After much debacle I arrived at what I thought was a sound option.

I was going to take a clip from the fifties, and turn it on it’s head.

The clip is of a woman, singing. She is dressed up in a Mexican outfit and is gushing about her husband. Her husband I might add, is a slob. He is fat, lazy, flirting with other women and generally uninterested in this beautiful woman singing her heart out.

I watched the video over and over, in fast motion, slow motion, over, and over, and over, and over.

I made a rap for the woman who in the short snippet of the clip is doing some washing while her husband sleeps against a wall.

The lyrics I came up with were as follows.

“Here’s a little story,

feel free to sing along,

I wrote it because,

something’s going on…

I cook and I clean and I get the beds made,

and he sits on his ass like every single day.

Oh yes and he’s small (you know what I am talking about ladies),

He thinks he’s got it going on.

I’m smarter, I’m better, he’s tasty and I’ feta,

I’m meaner, leaner

Politically greener.

Yes and you can take this to the bank, I don’t need a life without you,

I don’t need no man,

Sexist ass wholes might hate this song but a female revival is whats going on.”


The clip needed to be over thirty seconds, but not much over, quality over quantity, that sort of thing.

I thought it was a risky move on my behalf, choosing to create a song and try and dub, over creating sound effects that moved the clip along, I went against my clips intent instead of running with it, I wanted to do something and wanted to dictate the clip, and not have it the other way around.

I believed in the comedic irony of my idea, and forgot to take into account that I am not a singer or a sound editor.

The words in BOLD writing above are the ones that highlight my ingenious vision coming to fruition, the audio matched the visuals and I was very pleased…every other line didn’t have the desired affect, even after three hours in the recording booth.

Unfortunately I did not have anyone recording for me, so I was in and out of the recording booth trying to do two jobs at once. I found the timing VERY difficult.

Whilst in the booth listening to the backing track I would feel on time and relatively on pitch, however when the song was played back, it very rarely worked in sync.

The end result was somewhat lack lustre. I think it is funny. I think it was an intelligent idea. I can’t overlook the out of sync dubbing, however I made a feminist song, that rhymes, that syncs, that builds and resolves itself. It was a very little, big task that I hope I did well enough to appease viewers.

Most importantly, I had heaps of fun, that’s surely worth something?

As you know if you’ve read my previous posts, I am sadly unable to upload the file, which is a shame because wether you wanted to laugh with me or at me, you’d get a rise.


I look forward to working with my classmates in the recording booth in the future, For the moment I actually do my sound classes with a seperate class to mine, and whilst I didn’t think this would affect my ability to work, it’s definitely not the same cosy vibes as with all my other classes. Asking for help and joining group projects is more difficult when nobody knows you. Bouncing ideas of one another doesn’t really happen.

If I can say I have one regret from this semester, perhaps it would be moving into this class. The timetable suited me better (not because I like days of to chill out, but because I work) and I thought that would be the end of it. Unfortunately my work has suffered but I am very much looking forward to being with my real classmates for projects to come when I am reunited with them.

browse the inter-webs archives for some of the more memorable, funky and retro videos here!

To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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