Mark Fennell is leaving triple J, if you don’t know who he is, he’s most notably known as ‘That movie guy’.

He has provided critique in a zany, whimsical way for the last decade and he’s job has been brought to the public.

After a few days of dilly dally-ing, deciding not too and feeling fine, I decided, actually, it was my dream job. I was going to apply for the role of ‘THAT MOVIE GUY GIRL”.

What better way to get through film school than to be paid each week for doing what I do so naturally; watching films and then talking about it to anyone who will listen.

I set to work writing my review, I didn’t consciously try to disassociate from the likeness of Mark Fennell and instead went on pretending this was just another school project, hoping I would have as much atmosphere, without sounding like a copy-cat.

I’d had a long day at school followed by work, but I turned my car in the opposite direction of home to travel back to school and hit the decks in the recording booth…

I learnt that I mumble a little.

I already knew that I talk a lot, and enthusiastically, ( sometimes to the point of people thinking I am a sarcastic narcissist). -My friends think this only happens after a wine or two, though it’s me, all day.

At this point, with three hours until submission, I was anxious and stressed, but excited none the less.

The rules for the submission were simple.

Choose a movie from the list.

Include sound effects and music.

Don’t go over two and a half minutes.


I think it’s been mentioned before… editing is not my thing.

I was alone in the editing room which meant the tiniest of bumps along the way took an exhausting toll on my mental psyche, and a depressing amount of time to trouble shoot.

I really did try.

For some reason, that I’m sure someone could have easily explained had they been present, my editing process was just not working. The volume was changing without me intending it to. My hot keys were confusing me beyond means, and I was getting tired…

I gave this opportunity a good go, and I only wish I had decided earlier on that it was something I would have liked to do.

If I’d had more time, I could have asked a teacher for assistance, or one of my school friends. I could have, but that’s not what happened.

The reason I am writing this post isn’t so triple J falls upon it and thinks; well hell, let’s give her a call, she seems ambitious enough.

It’s because I learnt a lot from the experience, and I am still learning to learn from an experience, instead of only caring about the end result.

I didn’t learn a single thing about sound editing, but I learnt about my voice, and recording in general.

I learnt that my strength is in my words and that two and a half minutes really isn’t very long.

I learn that it’s okay to try and fail.

Most of all I learnt that opportunities don’t present themselves to you everyday, but they are out there and you’re the only person who can take advantage of them on your behalf.

Next time a dream like this rolls around, I won’t sit up nights telling myself how un realistic it is for me to think I could make it. I’ll just do it.

I also can’t upload the edit, as I don’t pay for fancy WordPress. apologies, it’s funny.

Keep up to date with music, film reviews, news and more at TRIPLE J.

To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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