Unfortunately I can’t show you the film  made.
That’s because its not entirely finished.
What I can do however, is show you some shots of my first film of 2017.
It’s called prisoner and follows a fairly basic storyline.
A woman comes home from her day,
things are not as they should be,
the audience is made to feel as though their is perhaps an intruder,
that she is being kidnapped, taken, abused…
when in actuality,
she is just angry.
Her partner hasn’t done any cleaning, again, and she has had enough.
She seeks revenge by spoiling his sheets, writing a message on them in paint for him to find when he gets home.
Unfortunately I have so much to learn as far as editing and sound is concerned, my final piece does not yet give justice to what I can see in my mind.
However, as a young film student with a computer that doesn’t let me edit out of school hours, I am proud of what I have put together so far, and hope to edit this film more, as I learn throughout the year.
I am proud of this film, not because everyone who sees it will love it, or get it for that matter, but I am proud of the job I did as a director. I had specific shots, emotions, lighting etc. that I wanted to capture. I did that. My story boards and my shots were nearly identical. I could not have done it without my fantastic colleagues of course, and I thank them for letting me tell them what to do, if this is what I can achieve in one film, shot over four hours, well I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve with more experience.

Opening shots, Emma enters, the noise of something crashing on the floor startles viewers. something is wrong. Emma is shocked at what she can see.
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.05.38 pm.png
An unseen force drives Emma to fall upon the bed.Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.06.11 pm A dilating pupil. She is covered in a thick red liquid.
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.08.20 pm
Slow motion shots of the liquid dripping down Emmas arm.
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.07.53 pm
It looks as though Emma is reaching out for something, clinging onto the sheet, desperate…
silence. nothing but a heartbeat.
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.08.50 pm
Emma here, looks like prey. She straightens, she grows taller, stronger, more in control…

She stands, and when we meet with her face one last time, we see; she is scared at all…
Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 2.10.16 pm.png

A Huge thank you to Shehan Gomes DOP, Michael Lou 1st AD, Ros Newnham Gaffer, Anders Olson Supervisor,
and lastly,
my sister Skosia Sinclair, for letting me ruin her sheets.

To all girls on film,

I applaud you!



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