Tarantino is well known for his greatness.

 Have you ever stopped to think about how great his female characters are?

I sure have, hell, they provide inspiration for my alter egos on a daily basis.


Lucy Liu as O-Ren-Ishii, Kill Bill

Tarantino celebrates collaborations in style, when most people reflect upon this, their minds take them to unforgettable scenes of Samuel L. Jackson, Christolf waltz, Michael Madsen and so many other kick ass male characters. I don’t blame them. Don’t you get shivers of delight knowing, however, that Tarantino has a soft spot for kick ass ladies too?


Daryl Hannah as Elle driver, Kill Bill

Here I will reveal my favourite Tarantino characters and take a look at his favourite female collaborators.



Abernathy, Death proof.

Look, all of the women in this film are pretty bloody cool, but the final scene of this film makes Rosario look even more badass than her character in Sin City.

Shosanna, Inglorious Basterds.

She plots to burn down an entire film theatre full of Nazis, doing it all with a cool, calm, sultry demeanor. Ruthless.

Jackie Brown, Jackie Brown

She is sassy, sexy and smart. Always one step ahead and always sure of herself. confidence is key.

The bride, Kill Bill vol. 1 & 2

She has more willpower, resilience and determination than I could ever dream of, and she can use a sword. -Amazing.

Tarantino: Female collaborators.


Sally Menke

 Tarantinos strongest collaborator, of all time.

She was the editor of every Tarantino film up until her death in 2010.

The cast used to send her surprise interludes and hellos whilst shooting to keep her going through the arduous process of editing.  She edited an impressive 7 films of Tarantinos and we can only wonder if they would still be strong collaborates was she not taken so tragically and so young.

 Django unchained (2012) was dedicated to her memory.


Uma Thurman

 Made popular by the tabloids is the relationship shared between Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino. The pair insist they’re friends, regardless; together they create magic in film. Uma played Mia wallace in pulp fiction and The bride in Kill bill vol.1 & 2. Two kickass characters.


Zoe Bell

On screen Zoe is mostly known for her role in Deathproof, however, the New Zealand actress is more notably known for her work as a stunt woman. With an undeniable similarity she has been Uma Thurmans body double in both Pulp fiction and Kill Bill vol 1 & 2. She also worked on Django unchained and the h8full eight.

Tarantino has also utilised the talents of Helen Kim, Belinda Owino, Tina Rodriguez, Shana Stein & Vanessia Valentino more than once in minor roles throughout his film making career.


Before I leave you I would like to address a re-occurring question i’ve been asked.

Is Quentin Tarantino sexist?

In short, my answer is NO. This blog post has surely given you that idea. However, if that doesn’t satisfy you here is a link that may help you understand why, and perhaps you’ll agree too.


To all Girls on film,

I applaud you!



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