Last week I had the pleasure of working on a short lighting assignment that tested my patience, lighting knowledge and creative abilities.

The Assignment was straight forward.

Replicate a shot from any film in the schools studio as best you can.

This is how I went…

After much debate I chose this as my final image to replicate.

The illustrious Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan in


A Dame To Kill For.

Now all I needed was a hot chick, a corset and some vodka.

Above is my original lighting plan, I had it all mapped out, and here, with some helpful input from my classmates and talented teacher, is how the lighting set up turned out in the end.

I was most pleased with my final shot, if not a little dissapointed my beautiful classmate April was not willing to dye her hair for the day.

It took far longer than expected but once the lights were set up I did feel it all coming together.

This is the first first snippet of my work that I have shared, and whilst rather novice we all start somewhere, I only hope one day I can look back see this as one of my first collaborations with people I hope to work closely with again in the future.

A big thank you to my classmates,

Ros Newnham MVP, always and April Tsadarkas my quiet kick ass actor,

And of course my Lighting teacher Anders Olson for an educational, challenging, fun and successful shoot.

To all girls on film,

I salute you!



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