PMS is real, and personally, I don't always hate it. There is nothing worse than realising you're not crazy, and actually it's just PMS right when you need your mind focussed and less emotionally spontaneous. Many Asian countries offer menstrual leave to women, which I think is bloody brilliant! Whilst we do not have such a … Continue reading PMS. PERIOD MOVIES SORTED

How do you view? The who’s who of cinema venues in Melbourne.

My boyfriend is great. He likes similar things to me, we are, as he puts it 'on a level'... one of our favourite things to do together is eat and watch things on a screen, I know, it's all pretty glamorous. Here's the thing though... There is time and place for everything. This week, for instance, … Continue reading How do you view? The who’s who of cinema venues in Melbourne.

“Let them eat cake!” A Review.

Aesthetically, a favourite film of mine. Director: Sofia Coppola Cinematographer: Lance Acord Starring Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzmen & Rose Byrne. Marie Antoinette follows the journey of an adolescent woman plucked from her home country and married off to Prince Louis IV in Versailles, France. The film covers her life until the point of the French … Continue reading “Let them eat cake!” A Review.